Many of us think life would be so much better if only we had more money. We’d be able to go on a dream vacation, buy all the gadgets we want, treat our friends and family to something special, or simply feel the freedom that we are assured comes with wealth.

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A lot of people think “If I just had a little more money, I’d be happy.” So the real burning question is: How much money do I need?

Well, science has a very clear answer. There is a concrete number where your happiness peaks.

I’ll tell you exactly how much money you need to maximize your happiness, and how to cheat the system so it works best for you!

Now of course, we all dream of winning the lottery. Suddenly coming apon a great fortune. And yes- the science here shows that winning the lottery does truly make you happier. (At least for a period.)

You get this feeling of excitement and amazement, it’s really powerful!

However, about two years after winning the lottery, people return to the same level of happiness as before.

Well why is this??!

Some amount of wealth is absolutely required for us to be happy. Most of us wouldn’t be happy if our basic needs weren’t being met. We need food, shelter!

These things are fundamental to our happiness! When we can’t meet those needs, our struggle to survive is motivated by pain and hunger.

Well once we meet these needs and have some level of confidence that our needs will be met again tomorrow, all that stress disappears.

So the question is; would doubling your wealth— having twice as much to meet your basic needs make you twice as happy?

And, of course not. That doesn’t make sense. Mostly, it’s true that when our basic needs are met, every other thing that comes into our life does not make us exponentially happier.

Instead, the science shows that as income grows, so does our happiness up to about 75,000 US dollars per household.

After that, there is virtually no increase in happiness with more money. Not at 100,000 dollars, not at 1,000,000 dollars.

Of course, at less than $75,000, your happiness is less optimum.

Once people’s basic biological needs are secured, more money just doesn’t make a big difference.

So how do you cheat the system and find happiness no matter how much money you make?

75,000 dollars is just American’s concept of having their basic needs met. We see our needs differently depending on the time and culture we’re in.

When I was a kid, my family didn’t have a dishwasher. That changed, when other families on my block suddenly got dishwashers.

It was now a need. A necessity.

If you can see these things in their proper perspective and avoid the need for a dishwasher or a new car, then your 75,000 dollar metric changes.

A simple change in lifestyle and mindset can go a long way.

So to fully leverage this, I’ve included a link to a scientifically accurate assessment of how happy you actually are!

Ask yourself— are your needs being met?

Check out the assessment , and see what score you get back.