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The Happiness Experts Company is thrilled to put on workshops for the general public. Check out these upcoming opportunities to get your smile wider and put a spring in your step!

An Invitation to Happiness

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Exciting new research in psychology has changed our understanding of what makes us happy and content. This course will teach both how our brain works and what practical, proven activities lead to increased happiness and personal success. Emphasis is given to mindfulness practice, which is simple intentional living in the moment.

Mindfulness meditation practice will be taught in a playful way throughout the four evening classes, interspersed with fascinating learning about practical happiness.

This class is not about pop psychology. Based on good science, students learn real, proven strategies for increasing their own well-being.

Objectives of the course:

  • Provide a solid overview of the best research results from the field of positive psychology
  • Define happiness in a practical way
  • Relate high levels of happiness as predictive of success in multiple areas of life generally
  • Describe neuroplasticity—how the brain re-wires to accommodate new behaviours and beliefs
  • Demonstrate the evolutionary basis for negativity bias and the theoretical argument for a positivity offset
  • Impart the 10 evidence-based strategies for increasing one’s personal happiness
  • Playfully introduce and practice of a variety of mindfulness techniques

Benefits to attendees:

  • Have more positive feelings every day
  • Learn to have more space from which to choose your reaction to life’s challenges
  • Improve social relationships
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Enjoy greater success in virtually every area of life!

Past participants rave about their experience.  Here are a few examples:

  • “Paul was an awesome guide — providing tools to help aid in a happier life. It’s a course I highly recommend for anyone seeking an increase in happiness.”   Jewels Lockhart
  • “I instantly felt calm and at ease. Paul is so inspiring, engaging and … and always keeps the class full of life! I would recommend  this course who to anyone is looking to change their lives for the better!”   Brie Walker
  • “Dynamic Presenter! I have heard Paul Krismer speak on many occasions. His presentations are well researched, informative, and he has a way of making musical synapse in your brain. He’s the expert!”   Rosemary Abram
  • “His class made me realize some things about me and the way I see things. Paul was engaging and knowledgable! If you are like myself and not always the most positive I would encourage you to attend one of his classes.”   Christopher Harrison


What Other People are Saying

  • “I am already using what I learned and life is better for it!”

    Attila Kovarcsik
  • “. . . one of the best presentations I have ever been to — so powerful and effective.”

    Keivan Mehrtabar
  • “ . . . a consummate professional and truly skilled for this role.”

    Dianne Hawkins
  • “ . . . a high energy and positive session . . . engaging and participative.”

    Marna Johns
  • “I loved Paul’s humor and his energy was right on!”

    Heather Sprunoff
  • “Paul was inspiring. Great delivery. Great message.”

    Dawn Miles
  • “I got goose bumps as I listened . . . Without hesitation, I recommend him!”

    Lorraine Robinson