Hi, I’m Paul Krismer with the happiness experts company.
Do you want to hire people who bring a powerful positive attitude into your workplace?
Do you want friends to be the kind of people who lift up your life?

Almost everyone can show a positive pleasant demeanor during a job interviews and then later you
discover that you’ve hired someone who probably has the skill set you need, but sometimes a toxic personality that
poisons your workplace.

Just what do you do! What if you could hire people with a much much greater chance that they will bring the kind of energy that powers up your team rather than takes them down.
Similarly, would you like to know after your very first date if your potential mate is the winner you’re looking for.
Would you like to identify friends who know how to have happiness in their lives? As you know the people who are around us have a huge influence in our
own well-being. As you may have seen in my video about positive leadership,
people who bring good energy to groups have an outsized impact on group productivity. Some of the ideas I’m sharing today are from Dr. Laura
Keller’s Queen. She has created interview questions that help identify people who bring good mojo. At the end of the video I’ll share some of the best interview
questions for ferreting out which folks have personalities that you want to be with.

The importance of having positive people around you makes common sense. Our
own experience of life is more fun and enjoyable when good people are with us.
Yet it goes so much beyond just that. Really positive people make massive
differences in their social and work circles. Positive leaders have much much more impact than do sourpusses.

Because emotions are so contagious, moving rapidly from one person to the next, we often fail to see how other
people’s attitudes infect our own experiences of the world. When you bring
upbeat positive people around you, not only do you get to share in their
happiness but you get all the benefits that come with happiness. Better health,
deeper, warmer relationships. You actually perform smarter— you cognitively
function at a higher level. You’re in a good mood.
You get better sleep and of course you get better career outcomes.
Seriously, we so often underestimate the sheer magnitude of the effect that other
people have in our lives. Don’t do this. Be very conscious of
creating environments filled with productive, optimistic people. You and
your business will reap huge rewards. I have hired so many people when I used to
be in the corporate world. Perhaps a hundred or more high-priced

I’m proud of the work I did for the most part but there are a
few people where quite frankly I hired them and did a lot of damage to my
organization. Years after selecting the wrong candidate, I was still trying to
find ways to either get them on side or out the door. When you hire someone who
can do the job but they’re a caustic addition to your workforce- you get
yourself in a real pickle. I’ve been there and done that.
However with what I know now I can be much more confident when hiring people
into my small team.

So let’s assume you have a candidate that has demonstrated
the skill sets you need. They have a good resume with the right past experience.
They have answered your questions to leave you confident that they know how to do what you need them to do.
So now how do you find out if they will be positive energizers in your workplace?

It’s a matter of digging just a little
deeper. When you ask the right questions people will reveal how their attitude
shows up on a day to day basis. For example one great question is: “Looking
back across your career what was the one role that you most liked? What was that role and what did you like about it?

Now that sounds like a softball question
doesn’t it? But you wouldn’t believe how many people will struggle to talk about
a job, maybe even a single project that they loved. This is a very clear signal
that they do not naturally find joy in life. Or at least not in work. If they
cannot give you a single example of a job they like doing, you can be pretty
sure that not all past jobs have been terrible. But instead it shows you how
they see the world. Now you could shift this question to about past school
classes for example, that is if you’re hiring people straight out of school.
Here’s another great question:

“Tell me about the best team you’ve ever
worked with? What made this group of people so special? How did being a part
of the team make you feel?”
People who struggle to answer clearly, are
problematic team members. Don’t hire them!

If their answer to this line of questioning is not about the work itself and not about the people and the passion
that they felt working with them, then keep digging. This candidate likely has
deficient emotional intelligence. They don’t work or play well with others!
Now you can see how readily questions like these will also prove useful when
you’re dating someone new. Do you want to spend weeks, possibly even months and
years to figure out what you really want in a mate? It’s someone who makes you
smile! Someone who encourages you and sees the silver lining, even when lots of
dark clouds are brewing. We become like the people we spend time with. This is a
fact that you can take to the bank. Quickly assess if your dates or your
existing friends are people who lift you up. In the form above is a link to
tons of the best interview questions.

This will be a great resource for you.
Until next time, I’m your happiness expert.

Paul Krismer