Excellent research has been done to demonstrate that when people know and understand their unique character strength profile, they become equipped to make life choices that call out the best of themselves. People are happiest when they are engaged in activities that utilize their best strengths. Moreover, when you expand and further develop your best strengths you substantially change the impact you have on your environment.

Working to increase strengths is satisfying, fun, and more powerful than attempting to overcome minor weaknesses. When we are using our strengths we are more engaged, and enjoy increased well-being.

viame-report-large(VIA Character Strengths assessments can be used in combination with the Gallup StengthsFinder assessment for those people who are considering career change.)

We recommend the “Via Me” report, which costs $20 USD. It has rich information on your top 5 character strengths, and provides a ranking of the remaining 19 strengths.

We recommend you also work with a coach to integrate the information and action-plan your life!

Via Me!