Carolyn Crow


Carolyn Crow has been a professional life coach since 2009. She holds a Master of Arts degree in psychology in the area of adult development. Positive psychology has become a burning passion that she shares through training and one-on-one coaching. Her work focuses on helping people become happier and creating congruency between who they are and the choices they make personally and professionally. An area of particular interest is helping highly sensitive women to embrace their sensitivity. Since 2005, Carolyn has facilitated women’s mindfulness and sharing groups, teaching dozens of women to meditate and move through an inner journey of discovery.

She is a mother to two accomplished teen-age girls. She remains fit with power-walking, yoga, and pilates. She is an expert in intentionally creating community. As a practitioner of cutting edge positive psychology, she is truly a “Happiness Expert”.

Carolyn is a proud member of the International Coach Federation, and has served for two years on the local chapter’s leadership team.