I feel very fortunate to have listened to Paul’s talk about happiness. At first I was skeptical about this topic, but right after he started the presentation, I found myself in a very different mood. Read More
I got goosebumps as I listened to Paul’s presentation. I was slammed with the realization that I had stopped practicing my attitude of gratitude... Read More
As a public speaker Paul was inspiring. Just right . . . not pushy or contrived, rather he was 100% committed to his mission. Read More
My company paid for my admission to the conference. We were not told what seminars to attend. I knowa few of my colleagues slipped out. Read More
By the end of Paul’s workshop I was feeling really positive about what I learned; about how I could approach my own work and supervisors... Read More
I felt like this presentation was exactly what I needed in that time and moment. I needed some lift to my spirits. Read More
Paul presented at the Western Safety Conference 2015 on Cultivating Happiness. The scientific perspective was an interesting approach to the concept of individual happiness. Read More
Paul provided a window into a necessary understanding of human behavior that will benefit all who attend his seminars. Read More